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July Nagaimo yam with growing vines and more leaves

Growing discerning vegetables

Pesticide-free vegetables from Tohoku ranch. For peace of mind and safety, we will introduce how to grow vegetables with a thorough commitment.

never use herbicides

Weeding is carried out by leaving a wide space between ridges and weeding by machine or by hand by the staff.
However, weeds sometimes provide shade from the sun, and some are left to protect the vegetables from the wind.


Weeding Girls at Tohoku Farm! ?


Plowing the ridges of dent corn while weeding (photographed in June)

munouyaku_02 (1).jpg

Initial weeding, which is important for carrots to start sprouting (photographed in May)


never use pesticides

Aomori Prefecture, where Tohoku Bokujo is located, is located at the northernmost tip of Honshu, so it is cool even in the summer and has relatively little insect damage.
Instead of using pesticides for aphids and other pests that still occur, spray milk or potato starch diluted with water to get rid of them. In addition, create an environment where beneficial insects such as ladybugs can live comfortably, and have them prey on pests.

Commitment to pesticide-free

At Tohoku Bokujo, we grow vegetables without using pesticides such as herbicides or insecticides. We don't even use pesticides that are approved for organic vegetables or organic vegetables.

Commitment to no chemical fertilizers

At Tohoku Bokujo, we do not rely on chemical fertilizers and carefully make soil (compost) using old-fashioned methods. By sticking to making compost and making nutrient-rich compost, we are able to grow vegetables without using any chemical fertilizers.

Until compost is ready

We gather the litter of the horse stalls that will be composted (the horse stalls are covered with wild grass, not straw), excrement, and wild grasses leftover by the horses, and are regularly cut back. .
By the action of microorganisms, it takes a long time to fully ripen, and a high-quality compost rich in organic matter is produced.


The litter and droppings from the stables are collected in one place.


Staff cleaning dirty litter and feces in stables


Compost that rises in internal temperature due to the action of microorganisms and produces steam


Compost that has matured like soil over a long period of time


Fully ripened compost is spread over the farmland using a special machine.


for better soil

In addition to home-made horse manure and compost made from wild grass, we use green manure made from weeds and bamboo grass, scallop shells, sea urchin shells, and rice bran to prepare the soil.

Further commitment of Tohoku Bokujo

At Tohoku Farm, the farm staff carefully manages everything from sowing seeds to harvesting and shipping. We do not do any consignment sales or wholesale sales, so vegetables from other producers will not be mixed.
Tohoku Bokujo is directly responsible for everything. We deliver "100% safety and security" that we have been particular about since our founding.

Deliver seasonal fresh produce

Vegetables are harvested on the day of shipment or the day before and shipped directly to group company hotels, restaurants, and bars.
Please enjoy seasonal vegetables and wild grasses in season.


Harvesting leaf garlic (photographed in April)


Staff harvesting long, fat burdock roots (photographed in November)


Manual cleaning and packaging

Tohoku Bokujo's vegetables are delivered directly from the farm.
Harvested vegetables are carefully washed with underground water from the Hakkoda Mountains and packed while checking each one.

A cafe and restaurant where you can taste vegetables from Tohoku Farm


Hotel Continental Fuchu(Keio Line Fuchu Station 1 minute walk)

Sakura Cafe & Restaurant(Ikebukuro, Hatagaya, Jimbocho, Nippori, Asakusa)

Ginza 300BAR(NEXT, 8-chome store, 5-chome store)

Sakuratei(JR Yamanote Line Harajuku Station Takeshita Exit 8 minutes on foot)

DF Cafe(JR Yamanote Line Harajuku Station Takeshita Exit 8 minutes on foot)

​■Yomoda soba(Nihonbashi Main Store, Ginza Store,Shinjuku West Exit,Okachimachi store,Shinjuku West Exit 2,Nagoya Umaimon Street Hirokoji Exit,Nagoya Sun Road store)

We ship seasonal vegetables to these stores when they are in season. Please enjoy the original dishes of each store.

An example of vegetables currently being shipped

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