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The making of discerning delicious egg

Free-range fertilized eggs from Tohoku Farm that can only be tasted at limited stores. We will introduce you to the commitment that cannot be imitated elsewhere.

Commitment to breeding environment


Sunlight pouring down from the high ceiling. The wind that blows when you open the window. Chickens enjoy sunbathing in a sunny place and stay healthy. In addition, the sunlight also kills germs.

spacious area

Chickens play in a spacious poultry house and grow up without stress. Nest boxes for laying eggs and perches for sleeping are installed here.
Free range farming allows chickens to live like chickens.


outdoor playground

They move around healthily not only inside the chicken coop, but also outside.
You can pick up abundant wild grasses and insects that are not affected by pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

*In order to prevent avian influenza, under the guidance of the Towada Livestock Health Center, we are open to the outdoors while monitoring the situation.

fertilized egg with life

At Tohoku Farm, we raise both males and females.
A fertilized egg grows into a chick just by heating, and its cells are very active. All nutrients are included evenly and full of vitality.


nest box for laying eggs

Nest boxes are installed so that the chickens can safely lay their eggs. It is a very important place for chickens who instinctively try to lay eggs in a safe place.
Egg collection is 3 times a day. Our staff will collect only the eggs in the hive, so you don't have to worry about getting old eggs mixed in.

Commitment to feed


Dent corn cultivated in the fields of Tohoku Farm (photographed in August)

We grow dent corn (approximately 16,000 kg) enough to feed the 800 chickens living at Tohoku Farm without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Harvesting dent corn

Dent corn is harvested by hand, one at a time, by picking off the stalk. The stem part is returned to the field.


drying dent corn

After harvesting, it is carefully exposed to the wind and sunlight of the northern country and dried while storing plenty of nutrients.

Discerning compound feed

At Tohoku Bokujo, we blend pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free dent corn (feed corn) with fish meal from Aomori, scallop shells, rice bran, wheat, etc., and give it to chickens.


snacks for chickens

We give them scraps of pesticide-free vegetables from Tohoku Farm and wild grasses growing on the farm as snacks. This allows chickens to get plenty of the vitamins and dietary fiber they need to stay healthy.

Blue ball filled with our "dream"

Eggs are familiar and familiar to everyone. We want our children and grandchildren to eat 100% safe and secure eggs because they are indispensable in our daily lives!
From that strong desire, free-range fertilized eggs "Aotama" of the Tohoku ranch were born.

Mysterious jade-colored egg "Aodama"

A chicken called "Asunaro Egg Chicken", which has a pedigree of "Araucana" native to South America Chile, lays this blue egg. Aomori specialty product cultivated over many years by the Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Center.
Please enjoy the rich and creamy taste with egg over rice.


Evidence of safety and security

■ Livestock Grand Prize (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 2005)

■ The world's only pesticide residue zero
325 items have been certified as "zero pesticide residue".
Inspection agency: SRL

Inspection No.: 231592

A cafe and restaurant where you can taste eggs from Tohoku Farm


​Due to the limited number of Tohoku Farm eggs, they can only be eaten at the following group companies.

Hotel Continental Fuchu(Keio Line Fuchu Station 1 minute walk)

Sakura Cafe & Restaurant(Ikebukuro, Hatagaya, Jimbocho, Nippori, Asakusa)

We ship fresh eggs to these stores. Please enjoy the original egg dishes of each store.

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